about Nao

Experience through senses, we learn to connect with ourselves.

Hi, My Name is Nao, I am a founder of "Colourful Children"

I believe we all posses child-like qualities and that's where we hold keys to most of our wonderings.

I was born as an only child and raised in Japan. When I graduated my high school in Japan, I wanted to study early childhood and English, so I told myself, "Why not go and study in Australia, I can study both at the same time!"

The idea pushed me through to the end and I even had an opportunity to study in Finland as a first exchange student from the university of Melbourne. The most motivating factor was, "Yes, I get to see the real Santa Clause!"

After graduated I went back to Japan to work in Tokyo. I worked hard and long hours and started to miss my life in Melbourne. I came back to further study primary teaching. I got married and had 3 beautiful children. Now I am happily living in Melbourne, single parenting 4 amazing children with lots of support from family and friends.

I have experienced all sorts of ups and downs that my life had in offer, and I took them gracefully. 

I have experienced divorce and single motherhood, life-long medical challenges of children.


This helped me to inquire how to find true joy within. I took chances and leant how to pick myself back up again. I kept standing back up and of course experienced heartache many times. I smiled during the day and cried after children had gone to sleep. Telling myself it is ok,  this too shall pass. 

All these experiences and emotions, are now my treasures. They taught me how to reunite with myself and still being able to find strength to restore what's left us, and enjoying my life. My life is indeed a gift that have given to me, gifts that need to be treasured and shared. 

So here I am, with my life experiences, knowledge and intentions of love, I am here to share with the


I also learnt that when things are not going the direction that I really truly want, often I have been not true to myself. It was scary to even admit it at the start, because I felt that my world was working only well when I was trying to "fit". With many trial and errors, I realised that only when I am truly being myself, the world gently forms itself to show the beauty: which is naturally balanced energy between myself and the outer world. If I can be truly myself and that brings benefits to others, there is nothing more I can wish for!