Welcome, Colourful Children


​Holistic Creative Arts, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance for Child-like heart, mind and soul.

Natural, gentle and creative ways to

connect, communicate and co-create your life.

You change the world by being yourself

Yoko Ono

Why Colourful Children?

"Colourful Children"  was named after the true colours that we have within us. 

Just like a child we once were, Colourful Chihldren provide an opportunity to:

  • freely express without fear of judgement.

  • take time for yourself to stay in touch with senses through experimenting with textures, concepts, and colours.

  • discover what we like, where we are, how we feel about ourselves.

  • notice and become capable of accepting what is around us.

  • develop trusting relationship with yourself.

  • just "BE "


    There is no resistance. Only peace, wisdom and  contentment. 

When we start to interact with outer world, we learn social values, manners, rules, respect for others and diverse perspectives. Although they help us to learn how to socialise appropriately, keep the community in order, and develop life skills, it is often we fail to recognise what is happening within us. To create a harmonious environment, we must realise the very first step we can take is to create harmony within ourselves. When inner peace was established, then we can start to co-create peace within and with the outer world.

How do we empower ourselves? How do we know what we really love? Where are our passions? Children are the best teachers, when it comes to HOW TO do this. Some of the techniques I use within my sessions, are inspired by skills and natural abilities children have exhibited to me.

My vision is, when we are true to ourselves, and deliver our actions along with it, there will be no resistance, no frustration, and no pretentious play need to be put in place. Wouldn't it be so exciting and peaceful to know how that can be done? This is the way to bring a harmony into the world.

I am dedicated to empower our true colours to navigate our lives. We can paint our part of the harmonious world!

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